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Flexible Shaft Grinders and its Accessories Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter and our setup is situated in Solapur, Maharashtra, India.



Due to its very specific design (Never before in this type of Grinders) the pinion shaft has to rotate perfectly concentric. This results in maximum possible life of all the rotating parts like flexible shaft, tool holder, Housing, Pinion Shaft, Gear and Bearings. As the gear box cover is not having location of any rotating part there is no wear and tear. (Which is usually first part to replace in other make grinders.) This is the main basic advantage to purchase ‘Kaustubh’ grinders, to have freedom from frequent repairs of hand grinders, pneumatic tools and other flexible shaft grinders.


Spare Parts

The motor with switch and handle is mounted on a swiveling yoke, which enable the motor to tilt, desired degree. This prevents the shaft bending at the motor end and enables smooth running. The yoke with motor is mounted on a small round base so that the machine can rotate in 360 degree (horizontally), to prevent the frequent handing of machine. We have Spare parts readily available.



All Kaustubh make Machines are guaranteed for a period of 12 months (one year) from the date of dispatch Ex-Our-Works, in respect of defective materials and faulty workmanship. The flexible shafts, tool holders or spares do not carry any guarantee, as they are wearable part. (Provided the grinder is sent to our factory freight paid).

If you linked with us for your requirements, we sure that ‘Time will tell the Difference’



The use of F.G. 220 grade of Shell Casting itself makes our machines sturdy, robust and durable at the same time lighter. If you want to compare ‘Kaustubh’ with other, compare Strength of Cast Iron with Aluminum.



The standard rotary on-off switch (Salzer make) mounted suitably on top of grinder makes comfortable for operator.



The Motor is designed for 3 Phase, 415 Volts +10% & 50Hz, F-Class Insulation, Continuous duty, induction Motor. The motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled type designed to give continuous and trouble free service.